Framing Challenges

Dads army stamps framed with 2 types of glass The art glass is on right hand side.


We framed this collection of stamps with Art glass on the right hand side to show the difference.   

The Art Glass (Invisible glass) has U.V. protection & is great for framing those special items.  




Framed Pewter Plates with Art Glass to show texture.

Framing of Pewter Plates

The Framing of these Pewter Plates was a first for us. Art Glass was used in order to show the texture of the plates.

Framed sports shirts image of Football shirt

Framed football shirt

Framed football shirt - to keep the shirt flat and taught we handcut card which is shaped to fit inside.

Framing Embroidery with working clock mechanism

Clock with Embriodery

The Clock Embroidery is not something we frame very often. Not only have we got to stretch the needlework then we have to build a box frame to accommodate the clock & mechanism behind glass.

Framed Golf Ball and Score Card commemorating that hole in one.

Golf Ball - Hole in One

Commemorating The Hole in One, we framed the Golf Ball, the Score Card and the Course Map!